Visual Sonorities

Visual Sonorities is a dual-art experience brought to London after their debut success last month at venues across  Sao Paulo, Brazil. In everyday film and TV, music accompanies pictures: now the roles are reversed, rewardingly for the audience.

Two Russian solo piano masterpieces, inextricably linked with paintings, are performed in concert, with simultaneously projected interpretative images, preceded by an illuminating narration.

Italian, Francesco Comito, will play Mussorgsky’s original solo suite ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’, then Russian, Anna Bulkina, will play the less often-heard Opus 39 set of Rachmaninov’s ‘Études-Tableaux’, which are landscape impressions and sketches.

These two performing artistes connect strongly at multi-level with the intensity, not to mention the technical terrain, of these big compositions which are among the pillars of the Russian piano repertoire.

London performance on April 21 2018 at St Sepulchre Church at Holborn Viaduct EC1, right across the street from St.Paul Cathedral. The concert starts at 6 pm. There are two internet websites where the public can get tickets:

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