45 Minutes of Music at the Meeting House, Sussex University

We come to the final concert of this academic year and of the series in which we’ve explored Fantasias written across the centuries…  
Concert V: Wednesday 30 May 12 noon

D’Arcy Trinkwon

BACH Fantasia (‘Pièce d’orgue’) in G, BWV572
SWEELINCK Fantasia Chromatica
FRANCK Six Pièces: I – Fantaisie, Op.16
RACQUET Fantasia     
EBEN Pieces from ‘Faust’ (Song of the Beggar with the hurdy-gurdy – Student Songs: Brander in the Tavern)
Carillon de Westminster, Op.54 No.6

So we finish the series of Fantasias...

We’ve got Bach’s great Fantasia in G (now sometimes called Pièce d’orgue) – and two monumental virtuosic works written some years before – one by the great Sweelinck and one by Charles Racquet, who was appointed organist of Notre-Dame in 1618 at the age of 21. He was a musician to Marie de Medici… His Fantaisie – one of the most substantial pieces of the French Baroque was written to “show what could be done at the organ”.

In between there will be the first of Franck’s Six Pièces. (PS. Some wanted a reminder that the complete Franck series starts this Friday, 11 May.)

Whilst I was going to play Eben’s Two Fantasie chorals, I thought we’d have more fun… So I’m going to play two short movements from his Faust. The second of these is a vivid portrayal of the students in the bar becoming more roudy! Probably fairly tame considering some of the student bars on campus, but it’s still quite a piece!

And to end one of Vierne’s Pièces de Fantaisie – the ever-optimistic Carillon de Westminster.   

With thanks for your interest and support during the past season; the new series begins on 26 September – details after the summer.