God’s Composer


The Sixteen; Harry Christophers

Simon Russell Beale

CORO DVD6        60’

This DVD marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Tomas Luis de Victoria, often known as God’s Own Composer, in 1611. Introduced by Simon Russell Beale, it includes interviews with Harry Christophers who directs all the music from the Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes, Madrid. Christophers has an enormous regard for Victoria and speaks about individual works, and the composer himself, with passion and great enthusiasm.

The opulence of the baroque church acts as a suitable setting for the grandeur and spiritual intensity of the music performed within it.

Surprisingly, it is not possible simply to listen to the music by itself, and there are times when even the mellifluousness of Simon Russell Beale becomes intrusive and one just wants to hear the music.

This does not however deflect from the impact of the music itself which constantly enraptures the ear with its sublime intensity. BH

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