Brighton Early Music Festival 2020

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Friday 23 October, 7pm (available until Friday 30 October)
Pocket Sinfonia
Mendelssohn Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Beethoven Symphony No. 6, The Pastoral

Newly commissioned animation and film of the natural world accompanies two of the most-loved classics of all times, both arranged and reduced to chamber proportions.

Saturday 24 October, 10.30am (available until Saturday 31 October)
Spiritato with Delyth Taylor – puppeteer

Family programme including music by Heinrich Biber: puppets made from recycled materials meet in the woods.


Saturday 24 October, 7pm (available until Saturday 31 October)
Ensemble Augelletti

Comprising musicians, poets and philosophers, the Accademia degli Arcadi was formed in Rome in 1690. Members sought inspiration from pastoral scenes set in Arcadia – an ancient, mythical space of unspoilt wilderness where the inhabitants lived in harmony with their natural surroundings.

This programme is set in the exquisite 15th-century barn of Sullington Manor Farm, and the pastoral landscape of rural Sussex.


Sunday 25 October, 3pm (available until Sunday 1 November)
Dirk & Adam Campbell

New and traditional music combining string and wind instruments from Africa and Asia presented and performed by father and son duo Dirk and Adam Campbell.

Sunday 25 October, 7pm (available until Sunday 1 November)

Four selected alumni ensembles from our young artist programme BREMF Live! who have progressed particularly well – featuring film footage from their original BREMF Live! showcase in addition to some new material showing more recent activity.

Friday 30 October, 7pm  (available until Friday 6 November)
The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

Meet the trumpet marine, a towering, single-stringed instrument with a host of resonating or sympathetic strings.  It was a trumpet-substitute for nuns and an unusual vehicle for virtuosic musical display in the late 17th century, falling out of circulation in the late 18th century and rarely seen or heard since then, despite its magnificent sound and appearance.


Saturday 31 October, 3pm (available until Saturday 7 November)
James Duncan from Sussex Wildlife Trust with Piers Adams recorders

During this COVID-19 spring, the reduction in traffic noise made more people aware of the beauty of birdsong. Yet in earlier times, birdsong was the ongoing soundtrack of everyday life, and musicians were deeply aware of its rich complexity. Recorder virtuoso Piers Adams plays some of the music composed in imitation of birds.


Saturday 31 October, 7pm  (available until Saturday 7 November)

We live in an age of protest and rebellion: against environmental damage and climate change, against war and injustice, and over religious and racial difference. But they certainly had their share of rebellion in medieval times: against the Crusades, corrupt leaders, religion and even sexual norms. Joglaresa perform medieval protest songs with some contemporary flavours and vivid animation.


Sunday 1 November, 3pm (available until Sunday 8 November)
Musicke in the Ayre

Wilton, near Salisbury, was home to Mary Herbert, sister to the Elizabethan poet, Sir Philip Sidney. The house and gardens provided the inspiration for his major pastoral poem, The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia.

This programme, filmed in the ‘Arcadian’ pastoral landscape of the Sussex Downs and the house and gardens of St Mary’s House, Bramber, reflects on the beauty of nature as a metaphor for love, beauty and constancy.

Sunday 1 November, 7pm  (available until Sunday 8 November)
THE FOUR FACES OF GAIA, A celebration of the earth
Various artists

BREMF’s flagship multi-media production for 2020, reimagined for the digital space.

Four regions of the earth: Africa, India, the Middle East and Europe; and the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water combine in a celebration of music and dance in honour of the planet that sustains us.


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